Operation Hunger Day 15 - 17 September

Rami Marjamäki

During the three days operation we collect funds all around Finland for the Disaster Relief Fund. The funds' use is not predetermined beforehand for any specific recipient.

Aid is needed close and far away

The people in need require help immediately. Disaster relief is needed, because climate change, among other things, has increased the number of disasters all around the world. At the same time in Finland more houses than ever before are destroyed in fires.

With funds collected for the Disaster Relief Fund we can provide aid to people in need at any given time either in Finland or abroad. Through training we also develop local disaster preparedness. The collector and the donor are the beginning of the aid chain: they start the operations where aid is delivered efficiently and reliably to people in need, with the help of the Finnish Red Cross.

For example, the emergency aid given after the earthquake in Haiti and the conflict in Libya was made possible by the funds previously collected during Hunger Day appeals.

The Disaster Relief Fund helps not only the victims of disasters and conflicts abroad but also accident victims here in Finland. In 2010, some 500 Finns received help from the Disaster Relief Fund.

Get involved!

You are invited to become a Hunger Day collector. You don´t have to be experienced Red Cross volunteer to get involved. Operation Hunger Day takes place in almost all cities around Finland.

For information about collecting in your area, contact the collection officer at your local Finnish Red Cross branch. In bigger cities, you can also pick up a collection tin at the collection centre during the Hunger Day collection.

In the year 2010 approximately 20 000 volunteer collectors participated in the Operation Hunger Day bringing in over 2,5 million Euros. Everybody willing to participate is welcome.

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